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Fury 2400, Compact Vacuum Unit - 20HP Honda Electric Start - 355 CFM

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MSRP: $9,325.00
(You save $233.12 )
150.00 LBS

Product Overview

Steel Eagle Vacuum Systems:

Fury 2400 Compact Vacuum Units

The Steel Eagle Fury 2400 Series provides a one-step unit that pressure washes, rinses and instantly recovers the waste stream for proper treatment. The Fury 2400 clean and capture systems will expand your opportunities for higher-paying, environmentally sensitive jobs, and that leads to more profits

Compact vacuum systems capable of fluid recovery with one or two clean and capture tools

  • Are you tired of heavy, large systems filling up you rig? 
  • Smaller footprint and lighter weight systems without compromising on cleaning power is your solution! 
  • Our Fury 2400CVU system packs a punch with many of the same features of our larger units and easy access to all maintenance points.


• Powder Coat Paint
• Belt Driven Positive Displacement Blower
• Oil Level Sight Glass
• Oil Bath Gear End
• Heavy Duty Vac Relief Valve
• Extra Quiet MagnaFlow Blower Silencer
• Vacuum Gauge
• Cam Lever Hose Couplings
• Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Frame
• Tuthill Blower
• 25” x 36” x 29” Frame
• 12” Operating Vacuum


Fury 2400 CVU - Engine (20HP Honda Electric Start)

Standard Features - Models: ASE-3104, 3105, 3106 and 3107

  • 1- 55 Gallon Primary Separation Tank
  • 6- 4ft. Sand Tubes
  • 2- 5ft. Vacu-Booms
  • 100 ft.- 2" Vac Hose w/ Cam Locks 

Models: ASE-3105, 3106 and 3107 
Comes with a Standard 7 Gallon Fuel Tank








(No reviews yet) Write a Review