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SCHERTZ BOX 3 Way Remote Downstream System ***FREE SHIPPING***

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MSRP: $595.00
Was: $712.50
Now: $578.99
(You save $16.01 )
1-2 Weeks Lead Time
8.00 LBS

Product Overview

SCHERTZBOX 3 Way Remote Controlled Downstream System:

No more running back to your rig every time you need to switch between soap/chemical and water.

Extends life of downstream injectors by automatically rinsing the injector when soap/chemical is in the off position. 

Range of up to 450'

Pre-plumbed for easy connection.

LED Strobe light lets user know when soap/chemical is in use. 

Each box is bench tested prior to shipment.

Assembled in the USA



(No reviews yet) Write a Review